Sector:Global Defense & Transportation
Timescale:3 weeks

Cubic Global Defense & Transportation chose ISPACE Interiors for their unique approach to innovation & design. Following an extensive beauty parade of design firms, ISPACE shone out as the only firm that truly understood how Cubic’s vision of an Innovation Centre could be realised.

Just fantastic!
David Roat, Cubic.

Our approach of removing everything possible from the build & creating a clean ‘blank slate’ environment with space to think freely was unique. The idea was to reset the thought processes of Cubic’s creative staff & ensure they were free to think differently, creatively & to allow an environment that would foster innovation. This was not a case of beanbags & Foosball tables in the absence of real ideas, but to remove the clutter & design entirely bespoke furniture systems that would be adaptable to a myriad of different uses & layouts.

With a ground breaking augmented reality receptionist built into the design, Cubic’s innovation centre was already driving the future of design before they even opened for business.